Born in the UK in 1963,

Owner, manager and founder of “Tomak”. Growing up in Israel and educated on the lap of his late father, Alfred Bieler, a skilled mold maker from Germany, was one of the first workers at the company “Iscar”.

He discovered his growing love for the industry when he visited his father in the toolmaking department and was only 6 years old. Shimon breathed industry already in his childhood, and his love for research and development of metal products grew and intensified over the years.

For nearly three decades, Shimon has been running Tomak. He constantly gathers leading experts to his team and continues to be responsible for the development of unique products, innovative in the design, manufacture and installation of balustrades of various types and combinations (glass, brass, stainless steel and aluminum).

Finance and Marketing Manager. Responsible for project management, negotiations with contractors, legal contracts, employee management, purchasing and suppliers.

Diploma in Architect and Urban Planning from the Technion in Haifa.

Architect, interior and industrial designer. Has extensive knowledge and experience in developing products for industry, responsible for aluminum profiles design for railings and more. Ido is working with the company for a decade.

Civil engineering,  graduated from the Technion in Haifa. Currently responsible for National Sales Manager and Customer Relations. Was born into the factory and breathes industry from childhood.

Mechanical Engineer, working for Tomak for the past 20 years as senior at the Head of  Development. Responsible  developing products from basic planning stage through production of prototypes,  processing, milling and engraving up to the final stage for finished product.

Works at “Tomak” for the past 3 decades. He is responsible for quality control, testing and installation.

Industrial designer graduated form the Western Galilee college, practical experienced industry for the past 3 decades.

Metal, plastic and 3D AM/RP specialist, involved in company’s projects since 2005.

Industrial and Management Engineering Dipl. Graduated from the Technion in Haifa. Responsible of computer system, digital media and writing workflow. She has been involved in the industrial company since childhood

Simon Bieler
CEO & Inventor
Orly Bieler
VP, Marketing & Purchase
Ido Drukker
R&D Engineer
Tom Bieler
Sales and customers relations
Leonid Yegotkin
Senior R&D Engineer
Avital Etzion
QC and installation
Ilan Rom
R&D Designer
Karin Bieler
System Engineer