PLL Smart System

System Advantages

The UNIVERSAL CHANNEL – simple & symmetric – can be adapted to any site condition using a range of mediating brackets. The remarkable, patent pending ALIGNMENT MECHANISM allows easy adjustment of the glass position with a simple lever motion. This unique design is the only ALIGNMENT MECHANISM that lets you know the glass angle just by looking at the lever.

For 3 decades, Tomak’s long-standing experience in metal & glass industry reflected in our service and products to deliver smart & easy balustrade solutions.

Tomak’s Universal Dry Glazing System is setting a new standard in the Dry-Glazing market 

Tomak’s Universal Dry Glazing System is the best solution:

· Practical.

· Original.

· Cost effective solutions.

· Easier, smarter & faster.

Tomak’s Universal Dry Glazing System is a registered patent. 

Since we in Tomak do all the engineering, production, testing, delivery & installation, we believe that thanks to all the challenges Tomak faces on a daily basis, the Tomak system has the best practical solutions:

· One Universal Channel geometry for all installation applications. A universal channel – simple & symmetric – adapted to any site conditions by variety of intermediary brackets.

· Smart Alignment Mechanism – An amazing alignment mechanism – easy glass positioning adjustment with a simple lever motion. This unique alignment mechanism design lets you know the glass angle by watching the glass direction on the lever.

· A unique Triple Action Wedge – the only wedge in the world that locks itself to profile ! ! ! Position & lock your glass sheet, at any angle, using our Triple Action Wedge locking system. The glass is secured in place at two different heights (top & bottom), applies more force on the glass for a stronger grip by unique design.

· Same profile for all glass thicknesses:

16.89 mm/ 17.52 mm/ 20.89 mm/ 21.52 mm.

· Our Clip-On Trims options suit all building types facades & designed to interface with any wall & floor finishes:

Drywall/ Tiles/ Glass/ Wood/ Masonry/ Etc.

· Channel cover – until glass install, to protect the channel profile in the construction site.

· The Tomak system is applied from the floor (balcony) side – therefore it saves money on scaffolding installation.

· Intuitive, simple installation – no specialists needed.

Our dry glazing system interface for commercial, residential & public applications. 

One universal profile for all applications for minimal SKU’s required and efficient storage & stock management. 

The Tomak dry glazing system meets international standards. It has been tested by TÜV Rheinland to meet the requirements of the German standards.

There is no question Tomaks Universal Dry Glazing System is:

· Easy – A universal profile for all needs.

· Smart – Is the most flexible system in the world.

· Fast – Simple and intuitive installation.