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Tomak was founded in 1993 by the late Haim George and his son-in-law Simon Bieler.
Simon is the CEO – second generation die & tool maker who named the company after his two children Tom & Karin
hence Tomak.
Tomak is a market leader of metal & glass works in Israel.
Tomak specializes in metal & glass applications from simple hand railings,up to complex steel & glass structures,
including custom made due to client specifications.
Tomak is a family business with professional dedicated team following the the company over 20 years.
Tomak’s management includes:
Simon Bieler – President & CEO.
Orly Bieler – VP & CFO.
Tomak handles all its design development & engineering in house & even models, samples & testing are executed
by the team.
Tomak has high-end computerized machinery experienced workforce, a spotless reputation at the market with the
most prestigious clients all over the country.
For 3 decades Tomak’s long experience in metal & glass industry reflects our products and service to deliver smart
& easy balustrade solutions using our own PLL system.

Nofey Yam - Tel Aviv. Planning and architecture - Bodek Architects.
Simon Bieler - CEO & Owner
Simon Bieler Already in the industry from age of 5. ISCAR Factory - 1968

Simon Bieler - CEO

Born in the UK in 1963, owner, manager and founder of Tomak. Simon grew up in

Israel and followed the footsteps of his late father, Alfred Bieler, a skilled die &

toolmaker from Germany, was one of the first workers at ISCAR.

At the age of six Simon discovered his love for the industry when he visited his

father in the toolmaking department. Simon found his passion for industry in his

childhood. His love for research and development for metal products grew and

intensified over the years.

For three decades Simon manages Tomak. He is constantly gathering leading

experts to his team and continues to be responsible of the unique innovative

production, design & development.

The company manufacture and install balustrades of various types and

combinations (glass, brass, stainless steel & aluminum).

Tomak PLL System Dry Glazing Glass Balustrade 2020

PLL Smart System

System Advantages

  • A UNIVERSAL CHANNEL – SIMPLE & SYMMETRIC – adapted to any site conditions by variety of intermediary brackets.
  • AMAZING ALIGNMENT MECHANISM! Easy glass positioning adjustment with a simple lever motion.
  • This unique ALIGNMENT MECHANISM DESIGN lets you know the glass angle by watching the lever direction.
  • POSITION & LOCK your glass sheet, at any angle, using our TRIPLE ACTION WEDGE LOCKING SYSTEM.
  • GLASS SECURED in place at two different heights (top & bottom). Force across the glass for a stronger grip by unique design.
  • SYSTEM ALIGNMENT, locking & finish from FLOOR-SIDE is saving money on scaffolding at installation stage. Intuitive, simple installation – no specialists needed.
  • One UNIVERSAL PROFILE for all applications for minimal SKUs required and efficient storage.
  • Our CLIP-ON cover solution suits all building types facades and designed to interface with any wall finish: Drywall, tiles, glass, wood, masonry, etc.
  • Our dedicated TEAM worked to simplify the design & ordering process.
  • For OVER 3 DECADES long-standing experience in metal / glass industry reflacted in our service and products to be SMART & EASY BALUSTRADE SOLUTIONS.

Positioning, Level & Lock Smart System


Universal channel for every application. TK 8200-8208 - Commercial; TK 6200-6208 - Residential; TK 8250 - Casting.

Product Index

3.0 kN Profiles


Heavy Profile Top Mount 3.0 kN


Heavy Profile Side Mount 3.0 kN

Glass Kit 3.0m

Cover Sets Options


Heavy Profile Cantilever Top Side Mount 3.0 kN

Glass Kit 3.0m

Cover Sets Options


Heavy Profile Bracket Mount 3.0 kN

Glass Kit 3.0m

Cover Set Options


Heavy Profile Foot Mount 3.0 kN

Glass Kit 3.0m

Cover Sets Options

Casting Profiles


Casting Profile 3kN

Glass Kit 3.0m

Cover Sets Options

1.5 kN Profiles

פרופיל נסתר תת רצפתי


Fine Profile Top Mount 1.5 kN

Glass Kit 3.0m

Cover Sets Options


Fine Profile Side Mount 1.5 kN

Glass Kit 3.0m

Cover Sets Options


Fine Profile Top Side Mount 1.5 kN

Glass Kit 3.0m

Cover Sets Options


Fine Profile Side Bracket Mount 1.5 kN

Glass Kit 3.0m

Cover Sets Options


Fine Profile Top Foot Mount 1.5 kN

Glass Kit 3.0m

Cover Sets Options

TK-8290 | TK-6290

Segmented Heavy / Fine Profile



Tomak Toolbox (Included)