Founded in 1993, "Tomak" is a privately-owned family business specializing in the development of advanced products for the construction industry in general, and in particular the railing industry and balustrades.

Thanks to our extensive technical knowledge and many years of research experience, we have developed the "Tomak" system for unique, dry glazed glass railings that have been tested and proven to be very effective. The system offers solutions for special installations in unusual forms in various prestigious projects across the country.
With its advanced machines, Tomak designs and executes the prototype, which undergoes rigorous testing before installation. Then the serial production of accessories suitable for every project.

The company's products are protected by registered patents worldwide. And are exhibited at leading trade fairs in the construction industry - BAU in Munich, GLASS BUILD AMERICA in Las Vegas, Fenster-Bauer-Nürnberg.

Dry Glazing Systems

• A UNIVERSAL CHANNEL - SIMPLE & SYMMETRIC - adapted to any site conditions by variety of intermediary brackets.
• AMAZING ALIGNMENT MECHANISM! Easy glass positioning adjustment with a simple lever motion.
• This unique ALIGNMENT MECHANISM DESIGN lets you know the glass angle by watching the lever direction.
• POSITION & LOCK your glass sheet, at any angle, using our TRIPLE ACTION WEDGE LOCKING SYSTEM.
• GLASS SECURED in place at two different heights (top & bottom). Force across the glass for a stronger grip by unique design.
• SYSTEM ALIGNMENT, locking & finish from FLOOR-SIDE is saving money on scaffolding at installation stage. Intuitive, simple installation - no specialists needed.
• One UNIVERSAL PROFILE for all applications for minimal SKUs required and efficient storage.
• Our CLIP-ON cover solution suits all building types facades and designed to interface with any wall finish: Drywall, tiles, glass, wood, masonry, etc.
• Our dedicated TEAM worked to simplify the design & ordering process.
• For OVER 3 DECADES long-standing experience in metal / glass industry reflected in our service and products to be SMART & EASY BALUSTRADE SOLUTIONS.


"Tomak"s dry glazing system is based on a unique method for easy and quick installation of all glass partitions for balconies and public buildings with a high level of security.
TOMAK DRY GLAZING SYSTEM railings were tested during installation of our projects and proved to be very effective. it decorates the best and most exclusive projects in the country.

Our system includes a universal profile suitable for any installation. Fastening and lock fittings and a unique leveling accessories support safe installation (without hammers, etc.). The installation is simple and fast, making the product unique in its field.
The use of the universal profile allows quick and easy installation of non-professional staff trained in installing the TOMAK DRY GLAZING SYSTEM.

At the beginning of the process, the "agency for innovation" assisted with the development and supported the company "Tomak" starting from product development to prototype preparation.
The system has been patented worldwide.

The system is presented at leading trade fairs in Europe and the USA.